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Philippe Poho



Self-taught painter, I have devoted myself to painting since the early 2000s.

During these years I discovered a southern painter, Pierre Doutreleau. I was captivated by the delicacy of his palette, by the subtlety of the light and by the uncluttered character of his works. Thanks to him I wanted to take back my brushes abandoned for many years.

I was very impressed with this painter's ability to convey emotions. Inspired by his technique, I set out to interpret marine atmospheres using oil, the only paint that allows real fades and deep glazes.

Without giving up this style, a few years ago I turned to acrylic painting which allows for more spontaneous, more instinctive writing and where body language becomes essential.

Water in all its forms is one of my favorite themes and is present in almost all of my paintings; I am fascinated by its evocative and allusive capacity, its incitement to escape and its ability to transform an atmosphere or a landscape by its reflective and difracting power which leads to the confines of abstraction, which I wish to evolve towards.

I mainly work on the theme of landscapes and street scenes.

Principales expositions

  • Salon de Chartres 2014 (28)

  • Salon Maurep'art  Maurepas 2015  2022 (78)

  • Salons des artistes normands indépendants 2015 2016 2017 2018 Rouen (76)

  • Salon de Maromme 2015 2017 (76)

  • P'tite Galerie Honfleur 2017 (14)

  • Salon d'Elbeuf 2015 2018 (76)

  • Salon des Arts Evreux 2015 2017 2020 (27)

  • Galerie MILIANO Evreux  (27)

  • Salon des arts Le Perray en Yvelines 2016 2018 (76)

  • Art shopping Carrousel du Louvre Paris 2016 (75)

  • Salon d'automne ELBEUF 2019 2022 (76)

  • Salon d'octobre Andrésy 2018 (78)

  • Biennale de Rambouillet 2021 (78)

  • Biennale de Versailles 2022 (78)

  • Confluent d'art Abbatiale de BERNAY  2022 (27)


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